How to Test a Cordless Drill Battery Charger?

How to Test a Cordless Drill Battery Charger

Technology has made the life of humans simpler. The work which in the past use to take a good sum of days and manpower can now be accomplished with the blink of an eye. All thanks to the curious brains who have conducted years of tests and experiments to gift us with these gadgets.

Speaking of the machines which are used to carve woods into aesthetic furniture has become more efficient than the past. Previously the carpenter uses to use a hammer and a chisel to cut and peak a hole. Today they have drilling machines.

A drill is a type of machine which helps in creating a hole through a hard surface. The diameter of the hole can vary according to the blade used in the drill. Traditional drill machines had wires for they ran on electricity. The wire often became a reason for irritation for the worker. This was the reason why the market came up with the concept of cordless drills.

The aim of a cordless drill is the same as that of the traditional one. The only difference is that the cordless drill works in rechargeable battery. For this, they do not have wires and can be used in a place which does not have any kind of electric source.

Now in order to charge the battery you need to have a battery charger. This article will answer you about the question of how to test a cordless drill battery charger? So let’s begin.

Steps To Test a Cordless Drill Battery Charger 

You may easily find drill battery chargers available in the online as well as the offline market. If you are purchasing it live then you may ask the shopkeeper to test the condition of the charger. But in a scenario of online purchase, you need to test it yourself.

Test a Cordless Drill Battery Charger

So in order to test a cordless battery charger, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Before we begin here is a list of items you need to have while performing this procedure:
  • A multimeter
  • An electrical source
  • The battery charger to be tested
  • Rubber gloves
  1. Check the rating of the voltage which the battery charger has. It is marked on the label of the charger.
  1. Take a multimeter and set it to a setting in which it tests a voltage output of the charger rate or more.
  1. Connect the charger to an electrical circuit.
  1. Now touch the red wire of the multimeter to the metal of the charger. The black one is the one with the negative terminal so need to touch it anywhere in the rest of the metal.
  1. Now note down the readings appearing on the multimeter. A charger that is functioning properly will show the readings as some tenth of the battery voltage. If you have the best cordless power drill then you must follow the above steps to check the battery charger.

Final Verdict

It may sound difficult at first but the steps which are explained above are very easy to perform. A person with a basic knowledge of electricity can easily test the working condition of the charger. This article has hence answered the question of how to test a cordless drill battery charger.

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