Cordless Drill vs Impact Drivers: The Best One?

Cordless Drill vs Impact Driver

There are quite a number of people nowadays that are taking an interest in household activities. They are trying to take their houses & services related to it under their wing. Instead of hiring workers & contractors who can do certain projects for them, people are trying to do them by their selves. These both saves money and also brings back a sense of belonging to their homes. However, the important factor to this kind of ‘DIY’ lifestyle is to choose the correct equipment and tools for all kinds of the job. All the older & ‘reliable’ tools have been upgraded & modernized to fit the needs of the present time. This seemingly implies that you need to complete in touch with the latest updates in the tools. This article does the same by letting you know which one is the better tool in this argument of cordless drill vs impact driver.

The cordless impact driver is one interesting tool that in the present times has been gaining a lot of attention. However, the cordless drill impact driver combo has gained quite some attention too. Here are some of the features that we have compared for you to have easy insight about the tools.

Drill Action

Not everyone realizes but drill action is definitely one of the more important features of both impact drivers & cordless drills more than one realizes. The drill action is what actually helps in making holes or ‘screwing’ things, literally. The drill design also matters, but not as much as the drill action. The drill action determines the hardness level of the act.

  • Cordless Drill – The cordless drill makes use of the simple rotational movement of the drills for making a hole or driving in a screw. You have to hold the trigger, apply a bit of pressure on the drill and insert the head of the drill in the material. You have to apply a good amount of pressure and steadiness to keep the drill from slipping.
  • Impact Drivers – The impact drivers actually use the same motion as the cordless drill along with a hammer action. This helps in not only screwing in the surface of the material, the hammering action hammers not only down but also sideways. This makes it quite easy to drive in the screws in any material. Also in making holes.

Chuck Bits

Chuck bits are once again not that well known but essential elements of a cordless drill. They make the drilling in easier without a lot of use of force. They also are quite some help in precise drilling.

  • Cordless Drills – Mostly all the best power drills have a chuck that helps them in accepting all kinds of drill bits. It is a kind of device on the end of the drill which has a kind of claws to accept all sorts of drill bits in the device.
  • Impact Drivers – Impact drivers do not have chucks in them. They have the facility of the quick-change sleeve which however will only accept bits that ¼ inches hex. It is not impossible to find drill bits with shanks & hex, it might just get a little bit difficult for you too.

Gears & Clutch

Cordless Drill Impact Driver Combo

The gears and clutch are also important features in both the devices. As the ultimate and primary use of both the cordless drill & impact driver is drilling, speed regulation is quite an important aspect. Here, torque also plays quite an important role in the functioning of both devices. The former can be controlled with gears & the latter with clutches.

  • Cordless Drills – All the power drills have two gears – one which is slower and has more torque, helps in getting more screws in. The other one is the faster ones which are used for drilling in holes. The drills also have a clutch which is quite the same as having built-in torque twist of sorts. It helps you in driving the screw in material & not gets it to blast out. You can also set a number in the clutch which when reaches to a certain number stops the drill form driving.
  • Impact Drivers –The impact drivers do not have tow gears they only have one which means no control on the drilling speed of the device. They also do not have any clutches; this implies that you are on the mercy of your own passion along with strength.

Final Recount

You can clearly understand from the articles that the cordless drills are the better choice because of the variety in features and multipurpose use of the tool.

Pros & Cons

Here is somewhat of a summary for you about cordless drill vs impact driver to understand the products better.

  • Cordless Drill – The drill action of the power drill is not all impressive it is pretty normal when compared. However, it definitely compensates on it with the extra added features. The drill can host in a variety of chuck bits. It also has variety in drill speed – credits to the two gears installed in them. It also has a hold on its torque because of the installed gear in the device.
  • Impact Drivers – The drill action of the impact drivers are one of the impressive features of the device. It does not give the normal drilling action but also hammering which makes it easy to screw in any material. However, the drill does not have the facility of hosting a larger variety of chuck bits. Nor does it have a clutch, neither does it contains a gear.

Final Verdict

The cordless drills are easily the preferred choice among the two tools in the general vicinity. However, you can prefer either of the tools in a specific condition according to the need of the hour. You can also choose to use a cordless drill impact driver combo, it is your choice. We suggest you go with the cordless drill in the general vicinity!

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