Cordless Drill: How to Actually Use It?

How to Use a Cordless Drill

A cordless power drill is known to be one of the most versatile power tools in the market, owned by professionals, DIY builders, and even homemakers. These drills come in quite a variety of size, weight, and other features. They most often have a screwdriver sort of thing at the front of the drill that is what does the actual drilling when the power is on. There are quite a number of reasons for which you can consider using a powerful cordless drill. Monotonous screwing jobs, drilling holes, dentistry anything might turn out to be the reason. Every person can have some kind of use for the cordless drill at some point in time. However, there might be a lot of people who have no clue how to use a cordless drill.

There can be quite a number of reasons for not knowing how to use a cordless drill. Some might not get the hang of how to simply use the drill whereas some might not understand what do the numbers on a drill mean. However, this does not imply to be any kind of weakness and it is okay to learn from the basics after all everyone starts somewhere. We will though advise you to first learn about the basic features of the drill to help you understand the working better.

Clutch – It is the adjustable dial that is in control of the amount of torque used by the drill.

Chuck – It is the clamp that actually holds all the bits in one place.

Trigger – Most of the triggers in the cordless drills are variable speeds. The tighter you will squeeze the trigger, the faster will be the spinning of the drills.

Forward/ Reverse – These actually control the direction of the drilling. Forward makes the drill to go clockwise and the reverse makes it go anti-clockwise.

Power Source – It is the batter in the cordless drills and the cords in the rest.

There are also some other features like LED lights & bit holders but do not need any explanation as they are self-explanatory. This is what you need to know about the features of the cordless drill. However, there could be more additional features on the drill in respect to the brand, version etc. of the drill.

Using the Drill

As said above, the usage of a cordless drill does not seem to be the easiest thing to do. Now, here is the guide that you need to understand how to use a cordless drill.

Setting Up of the Drill

The battery pack of the cordless drill is usually known to be removable & is also located at the base of the drill. There is usually a battery usage indicator on the battery which indicates if it is low on battery or full-on battery. The red light indicates the latter whereas the green light indicates the former of the two. What you have to make sure every time before using the drill is that the battery is completely charged.

You also might want to check the forward and reverse controls of the cordless drill before you put it into use. You can also set the speed of the drill before you get to do the actual job. However, this is not a necessary task; you can do it on site also. You also have to get a hang of the cordless drill torque settings to adjust the settings.

Bit Changing

What do The Numbers on a Drill Mean

The tip of any chuck is designed in such a way that it will fasten in a tight way around the drill or screwdriver, anything you will insert into the body of the drill. In order to eliminate a bit & to put or place another one in there, all you have to do is slacken up the chuck of the drill. You have to take the front portion of the drill in grasp & swivel it in a clockwise motion in order to do so. However, what you also be aware that some of the old chucks were not so easy to lose. They had specific keys that helped in the loosen them. However, the newer ones are advanced and easier to use.

Steady Pressure

The positioning of your hand has to be done in such a way the dominant hand the one you use for all the activities mostly is holding the handle of the drill & then the other hand is placed around the body or on the base of the drill. Whenever you are drilling a hole into any surface, you have to always make sure that the surface is absolutely perpendicular to the drill.

You have to press the trigger slowly and press the drill firmly on the surface so it sinks down easily in the material.

This sums up what you need to know in order to understand how to use the cordless drill. It is important to be aware of the process as you never know when you might just get the use for the same.

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